Coast to Coast Perfumes

Coast To Coast Perfumes is set out with the simple idea of luxury branded perfumes accessible to everyone at an affordable price. The company has a long and rich history, originally founded by Alhaj Jafor Mohammed in 1890, in Sujanagar, Sylhet, where he began trading Agarwood and Agarwood Oil Perfume. Throughout the years, he expanded the business to Kalkota and Assam with his hard work. Fast forward to 1920, he passed the business over to his son, Alhaj Anjob Ali who expanded the business into Africa and became well known in the Middle Eastern Community.

Coast to Coast Perfumes was in search of a team to build its e-commerce platform and design it to reflect the rich heritage of the company. Our team was also tasked with developing a digital marketing strategy to promote its products.

The Challenge

Developing an e-commerce solution that allows consumers to easily find products that they might be interested but making sure the back-end experience is easy to use for our client.


A user friendly e-commerce platform that is easy to manage. Products were also promoted using digital marketing tools such as SEO, SMO, and Google Listings.

Scope of The Project

 Website Design and Development
Branding and Identity Design
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Management
Google Search Console

Building an E-Commerce Platform

When designing the coast to coast perfumes website, we wanted to make sure that users could easily find the products they were looking for. However, we did not want to develop the website to make the back-end complicated to manage. Therefore, to promote their products to managing orders, we have developed a back-end system that is easy to use and automates many tasks that would normally require more complicated processes.


After completing the main website, the team began to focus on promoting the products coast to coast perfumes had to offer. We promoted the products through google search console, SEO, and creating content for the social media pages of the company.

Each month we focused on 1-3 products that the company wanted to promote, and the team worked to increase awareness of those products throughout the month. The graphics above are examples of content we used to post on coast to coast perfume’s social media handles.