Loudoun Islamic Center

Loudoun Islamic Center (LIC) had just moved into their new facility, looking to re-brand and create an online presence for their community. With the help of volunteers , they had already had a logo and color scheme set for their new brand. However, they needed a complete brand strategy and an online digitalization team. 

This is where Yusra Tech came into the picture. Through various remote meetings using video conferencing tools, we were able to develop a brand identity and strategy that fit with the new vision of Loudoun Islamic Center.

The Challenge

Loudoun Islamic Center wanted a digital presence that would match the aesthetic and feel of the new facility they had recently move into.


A new website that is easy to maintain, supports multiple payment gateways for donations, and is designed in a way that reflects the new brand identity. We have also optimized their online presence through using various tools such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media
Optimization (SMO), and through Google Search Console.

Scope of The Project

 Website Design and Development
Donation Portal Integration
Branding and Identity Design
Social Media Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
Google My Business


Donations is the primary way a non-profit organization like Loudoun Islamic Center gets the funds it needs to provide its services to the community. Therefore, it was critical that we develop an informative and easy to use donation portal system that was also compatible with multiple payment gateways in order to maximize the funds gained from donations. Since completing the project, we are proud to announce that donations have almost doubled since our new donation portal has been published. 


Loudoun Islamic Center was rebranding its entire digital presence, therefore we decided it was best to create and design social media accounts that would reflect their new brand. To increase their visibility, we also had our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team do their magic, setting up their google listing page so that their website and any other critical information related to LIC
could easily be found online.