ReLITiV IT Solutions

ReLITiV is a small business dedicated to providing high-end information technology services to federal and commercial clients. They provide reliable and repeatable results by leveraging best practices and proven technologies throughout a project’s lifecycle. As a new startup, they were looking for a team to help them establish their brand identity.

Yusra Tech developed a complete brand package that would make ReLITiV stand out from its competitors. After completing the initial project, ReLITiV returned to us to help them develop a careers section as their company grew.

The Challenge

Creating a brand image for a new IT solutions startup in an industry where there are numerous established agencies.


A website that delivers all the information anyone needs about the company in a simple manner. Additionally, a Job Portal where prospective employees can submit their resume and other relevant information was developed. The back-end was made specifically so that ReLITiV can manage a high flow of submissions
with ease.

Scope of The Project

 Website Design and Development
Job Portal Development
Branding and Identity Design
Search Engine Optimization

The Job Portal

After starting the company, it became clear that ReLITiV needed to attract candidates to apply for the company. During the tail end of the development of the main website, we began brainstorming ideas on how to develop a job portal for ReLITiV best. We decided that we would give potential candidates the option to create a profile page to apply to as many jobs as they
would like.

However, we realized that by making it easy for candidates to make submissions, the number of hits might be too much for ReLITiV to handle at its current scale. Therefore, we developed a back-end system that would make it easy to handle a large number of submissions and make it easy for ReLITiV to find the best talent for their company.